Artists in NDArt Trek

North Devon Art Trek Artists and Venues

Artists and venues can be found from each year since NDA became the organisers of Art Trek in North Devon.
Artists taking part in Art Trek, North Devon Open Studio Event for the current year, have pages with full details about their venues.

How to find art works or artists

Please use the dropdown menu to access current and past years’ information and details.
NDArt Trek Gallery/year shows links to all the individual pages for that year with an image.
NDArt Trek/year/List shows a list of names with links to all the individual pages for the current year.

To Search

  • Click the little round magnifier symbol on the right of the menu bar and you will be able to type in the lighter grey field that appears.
  • You can search for an artist’s name, the name of a piece of work or any other words that you think might be associated with them. e.g. landscape, acrylic, pottery, flowers etc.
  • Hit ‘enter‘ to start the search.

Some artists take part in successive years so may appear multiple times in search results.

Contacting Artists

Artists may be contacted at times outside the open studio events, but any visits Must be made by appointment and with the artist’s consent.
Some NDArt Trek artists would welcome visitors throughout the year, but only on a strictly, appointments only basis.
Please contact individual artist to arrange your ‘out of event’ visit.