Brochure NDArt Trek 2018

Art Trek – North Devon Open Studios 2018

Open Studios 2018 – September 14th to 30th

Many of the artists featured on this site joined open studios this year and are joined by more artists in the area.
These pages are maintained for reference by Christina Bonnett who made the NDArtTrek site.

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This is a list of Artists involved in  North Devon Art Trek

Pam Hutchings
Michael Kitchen-Hurle
Kaz Hawkins
Eleanor Bartleman
Mary Myers
Appledore Crafts Company
Mary Wilkinson
Albert Duplock
Janis Glover
John Butler RWA
Michael Dendle
Curious Creatures Gallery
Petra Harris
Ryan Ward
Stained Glass Workshops
Hilary Paynter
Dave Green
Ruth Coles
Susy Dixon
Emma Johnson
Lucy Perry
Anja Fischbach
The Creative Hub
Sarah Farrell-Roberts
Al Brown
Adrian Beasley
Art for Leisure & Pleasure
Stephen Raff
Jackson & Young
Mary Chugg
Marianne Edwards
Mike Woollacott
Sue Mitchell
Stuart Edmundson
David Kester Webb
Sara Clark
Brohna Huddleston
Mark Rochester and Rachel Sumner
Robert Hill
Jo Payne
Ian Phenna
Sue Rossiter
Richard Gregory
Irene Timms
Shan Miller
Suzanne Gayle
Philip and Frannie Leach
John Andow
Colin Albrook RI RSMA
Annie Hart & Guests
Jon Lincoln Gordon
Honey Meadow Art Retreat
Tony Williams
Claire Haydon
Joe Pendle
John Secgan
Lyn Winter
Jackie Griffith
Sally Angel
Lucy Rainger
Karolina Andreasova
South Molton Library & Amory Centre
Laura Shone
Ruth Bateman
Jenny Wilkinson
Carol Rhodes
Kim & John Wootten
Jo Minoprio
Pine Feroda
Hester Berry at Tawstock Court

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