David Yeadell – The Pleasures of Being An Artist

2016 is David Yeadell’s first venture with Open Studios (NDArt Trek), having recently converted one of his garages into a studio. David lived in Cumbria before moving to Barnstaple and has joined the community with enthusiam and purpose.

David has visited many studios in previous years, both in North Devon and Cumbria and soon realised that having one’s own studio was really the only way forward.  Painting indoors is not something that is generally welcomed by partners and spouses; the luxury (and it is a luxury) of your own studio allows freedom to leave paintings and material ‘out’ and making a mess is permitted (although not for long). Multiple works can be on the go at the same time.

David Talks About His Art and its Place in the Community

My own experience is limited, having never been to art college and, apart from ‘O’ Level Art and the odd workshop since 2004, am pretty much self-taught. Certainly learning from others has helped tremendously and studying works by the Old Masters and even ‘young masters’ of more recent times, as well as local artists here in Devon, has given me an understanding and insight into techniques and materials. My horizons have also been broadened by studying art history (two modules with the Open University towards a BA degree during 2014-2016).

I have a range of styles, being particularly attracted by oil painting (not least because it is so forgiving) and am influenced by Turner’s seascapes and the Impressionists; I’ve tried my hand at pointillism but do not have the patience of Seurat and other exponents. I try to vary my choice of subjects and a regular challenge is to produce new birthday and Christmas cards for friends and family as well as just painting for the pleasure of it.

David Yeadell, Display of paintings
David Yeadell, Display of paintings in the studio

Pleasure is one of the driving factors behind a group I’ve been running since September 2013 here in Barnstaple.  Art for Leisure & Pleasure (ALP) is a drop-in session that meets every week on Thursday afternoons, 1.30pm – 4pm, at St John’s Community Hall, Whiddon Valley/Newport. We started in 2013 with four members and now have membership in excess of thirty. Members come along and do their own thing (provided it is lawful) and there is a great social spirit to our meetings.  We have no structure as such and no formal tuition, although there are experienced and talented artists in the group who can advise and tutor if members wish it.

There is a definite need in communities for art and music, as identified by successive governments and health professionals.  People who are isolated, lonely or otherwise in need, benefit from meeting socially with others, where they produce art or music. To see the effect on their well-being and the change in their lives from their efforts is truly rewarding.  We are open to all ages and talents (under 18s and vulnerable persons need to be appropriately accompanied).   We hold regular exhibitions of our works, the next such being at Barnstaple and North Devon Museum, 5th – 28th October 2016.

For more information about ALP , or indeed my own work please contact me on 07964 250436.

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  1. Great to hear about your background and thoughts about taking part in open studios, David. Your input into the Arts community in North Devon in such a short span of time, is commendable, as I’m sure your art group ALP would all agree. Hope to get to see your studio during NDArt Trek event.


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