NDArt Trek 2016 List

This page lists the 2016 artists and venues detail pages for quick reference. List

You can visit the News Area for the Latest on the progress of the North Devon Art Trek oganisation, as well as any news sent by artists and venues about their practice, their venues or other art events taking place in the area. You can also get updates by keeping up with us on social media.

To see a page of artists and venues with images please click NDArt Trek Gallery 2016
You can click on an image there to go to the detail page.

You can search for a name using the magnifying glass on the main menu.
This will search within the pages so that venues that have the names of Multiple artists will appear in the results.

Artists and groups join each year and names may appear multiple times in the results. The year is appended to each artist’s/group’s page to help you find the information for the current year.


Each Name on this list Links to a completed artist page.

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