Dave Green 2016

Constructed photographs of dark seacave interiors, bringing luscious detail from the deepest blacks, to the brightest highlights, in these high contrast spaces.

About The Artist

My coast is a vertiginous climb down a steep cliff path, leaving the beach and trekking over seaweed-strewn boulders at low tide; a wild coast, unpopulated by holidaymakers; the domain of seagulls that can make you feel quite unwelcome. It is also an historic coast when millions of years can be seen in the layers of strata of an eroded cliff face and the more recent past can be found in smooth rusting ship parts, in memorial of hundreds of wrecks, littering the rocky shore.

Accessing these hidden places on this treacherous coast can only be done in the right weather conditions and on the lowest of tides. I’ve seen caves disappear as their roofs have collapsed into the sea. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in these places with the tide racing in.

My intention is to be true to what I see, or what I remember of a place as I observe all that is around me. The Photoshop process I use for stitching the images together can take many days to complete because the file size and processing power needed pushes the limits of today’s computer capabilities; but it is not unknown for me to rework an image a year or more later as software, processing power and RAM are updated.

The quality of light, which photographers seek out or actively plan for, means very little once you’re inside the earth. More important to me is finding a place wet and dripping from a receding tide to best reflect the little light that falls ever decreasingly through a cave’s aperture like entrance.

Featured Image :  Keyhole Cave

Artwork Or Image Titles

Keyhole Cave – Constructed Photograph
Baggy Hole – Constructed Photograph
Shipload Grotto – Constructed Photograph

Extra Activities During Open Studios

Extras offered:
Workshops, Demonstrations, Talks.
There will be free Artists Talks at the venue, Photographic Workshops and a Open Evening on Tuesday 13th September
Cost of Extras: More details to follow, some booking required
Booking Required?: No
Session dates and Times : Open Evening on Tuesday 13th September 5.30pm – 8pm
Children: Open Evening suitable for all

Venue Address and Contact Details

Venue number: 21

Dave Green
St Annes Chapel,
Paternoster Row
Barnstaple, EX31 1SX

Website: http://greengallery.co.uk

Email: dave@greengallery.co.uk
Phone: 07530 508681

Travel Details:

5 mins walk from Barnstaple Bus Station
Parking: Close by
Children: Child friendly Venue
Disabled Access: No Disabled Access:

Directions St Anne’s Chapel is behind St Peter’s Church in the traffic free heart of Barnstaple Town Centre. Access is on foot from Boutport St, Butchers Row or High St.

NDArt Trek 2016 – September 10th to 25th – Opening Dates and Times

Weekend dates are Sept 10-11th, Sept 17-18th, Sept 24-25th
Open all 3 weekends of the Event?: Yes
Weekend Open Times: 11.00am – 4.00pm
Weekday Open Dates & Times: Weekday Open Dates & Times: Tuesday 13th Sept, Thursday 15th Sept, Tuesday 20th Sept, Thursday 22nd Sept.
Open at: 11:00 am Close at: 04:00 pm


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  1. Nice to see St Annes Chapel open for this event – a great chance to see and learn it’s history, along with seeing work from the two artists sharing the space for NDArt Trek.


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