Artists Will Be Added For 2016

Preparations are underway for the 2016 event and artists, groups and venues will be added to the site as soon as possible after they have joined.

Each Artist will have their own web page with Artist information laid out thus:

The title of the page will be the Artist’s name and the year.

The featured image at top (one of the three supplied)

It is best to choose a landscape shape or square image as the featured image, if possible.
Tall images push the content down the page.
We may choose to show a detail of a tall image to overcome this.

The short description will be the first line of the content.

——This is the same information that will appear in the brochure——

About The Artist/Venue

The Longer further description will be here.
There’s plenty of room for details about you, your work and your practice.

If you have a page on this website from a previous year Please re- write to avoid duplication.

The three images will be here like this, thumbnails with a light box which shows the title.
Click the image to show a larger image.

Image titles and medium will be listed here.

Extra Activities During Open Studios

Details about any extras offered will be here.

Studio/Venue Address and Contact Details

Information will include the Name, Venue address, website and contact details.

Travel Details:

Information about public transport, parking, access etc

Directions: if needed will be here

Opening Dates and Times

Details of dates and opening times will be here

Venue number: 0 Brochure page: 0 -Venue No. and Brochure page will be added when ready.

A Map showing location of the venue will be here

There is a comment box at the bottom of the page, after the map. Comments are welcome. They are moderated and may be edited. They only appear once they have been approved.

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