Hester Berry, Artist in Residence, Bucks Mills Cabin

Artist in Residence at the Bucks Mills Cabin 8-19th August 2016

Devon artist Hester Berry will be in residence at the Bucks Mills Cabin for two weeks in August. She will create work in response to and as way to explore the immediate vicinity, using the local pigment, Bideford Black, to render the light and geology of the location. The strong black paint is in contrast to the light-filled white-washed interior of the cabin, preserved just as it was left by artists Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards over 40 years ago.

Hester has painted the North Devon coast since infancy, but has lived elsewhere over the past decade (studying Fine Art in Aberystwyth and London, and latterly teaching in the South East). She recently took part in a show at the White Moose Gallery which looked at artistic response to parenthood, a life event which has had a dramatic and positive effect on her work.

Having just returned to Devon, she seeks to rediscover the county from a new perspective as a more experienced artist, a mother and an environmentalist. Her experiences lead her to strive towards a distilled and essential view of nature, with economical application of paint/pigment in order to create a simple, intuitive and unmediated view of the world.

Open Days With Hester Berry at Bucks Mills Cabin


The work produced at the cabin will be shown as part of North Devon Art Trek in September 2016 at the Hay Loft Studio, Dennington. Details for Hester in Art Trek can be found Here.

If you have visited Bucks Mills Cabin in the past, or been artist in residence there, please tell us about your experience in the comments.

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