Sam Cousins 2015

Mobile:    07881971737
Venue:    29
Address:    The Hill, Granville Road, Ilfracombe, EX34 8AS.

Sam Cousins

Drawing, sculpture, ceramics, usually based on life and people. Experiment, inquiry, discovery, invention, new methods with old materials, old methods with new materials, frequent failures, occasional successes. My background is in Science, Engineering and Technology and I develop my own methods with any material I think suitable. I work on an area of interest (or areas, simultaneously), letting the work generate ideas and ideas guiding the direction of the work, until some kind of conclusion is reached. I’ll gladly talk informally to anyone who is interested. Directions: find the highest point of Granville Road, look for the Art Trek board.

Open; 11.00am – 4.30pm from Saturday 23 May to Sunday 31 May inclusive, closed Tuesday 26 May.

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