Why Joining NDArt Trek is Good for Artists, Makers and Galleries

Being involved in any event about art and artists has many benefits for those involved, and this North Devon Art Trek is no exception.

The Benefits of Joining

Participating in this Art Trek will increase public awareness of your art and any services you provide at the time of the event and beyond.

Every artist or venue that joins NDArt Trek is given a dedicated web page all about them. The page is added long before the event and remains on the website indefinitely. A brochure listing every entry is also produced that is widely circulated giving visitors a lasting physical reference booklet.

Included Web Page

The benefits of having a webpage are many, and include a link to your website and a continuing wider digital presence.

If you do not have a website of your own, you will gain a web calling card where visitors can find information about you and your art and, instead of your website, you can link to a page in another website such as LinkedIn, Facebook or a gallery that shows your work.

Remember, Your web page will remain on this website long after the event is over.

Advantages for Visitors

Visitors to Devon love to seek out local specialities and activities and art is often on the list. They search for interesting things to do while they are in the area. Some will even time their holidays or breaks to coincide with events. Residents of Devon love to find new things to do too, and the NDArt Trek website will also be a constant reminder of art available in the area.

A ‘Trek’is a tour, or round trip, in this case of Art places and people.
Galleries and Centres of Art can join as well as individual artists and are encouraged to do so to become part of a visitors itinerary.

Visitors will choose a series visits to make and often spread the visits over several days. Several artists or venues that are close to one another will become a round of visits.

The more choice visitors have the better, so if you are hestitating consider all these benefits.
Read How to join NDArt Trek, follow the helpful instructions on the Check list and join now!

Have you already joined? Let others know what you think in the comment box below.

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